A Tiny Question

I finished this song on May 12, 2011. You can hear some of my music at chrismackey.bandcamp.com.


I read a story written down in God’s favorite font

I read it like I thought it was supposed to read

But dear god I hope I was wrong

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Terrible Minds’ Flash Fiction: Brand New Monster


It told Stephen, “You’re fifty-four years old with nothing to show for it. “ And what happened is Stephen quit his job and soon after quit his family and now people call him crazy.

He lives alone in a tiny house. He eats tiny meals, goes on tiny walks. He keeps up with tiny stories on a tiny television. He sleeps on a tiny bed where he has tiny dreams. He pursues a tiny relationship with a tiny dog that he lets out into his tiny yard. He pays for all of this with a tiny job.

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