A Tiny Question

I finished this song on May 12, 2011. You can hear some of my music at chrismackey.bandcamp.com.


I read a story written down in God’s favorite font

I read it like I thought it was supposed to read

But dear god I hope I was wrong


Cause it read like a crime thriller

And I was the bad guy

Running from a preconception

Of what justice looks like


And You were chasing the last of what remained

Of all Your pride swallowed by shame


And we laughed, and we crucified Your son

And we lost life’s inherent sense of fun

And we cried, and we begged You to return

And we stared into Your eyes that watched us burn


Then the fire burned away the parts of our brain

That imagined a God that lived so far away

Then we understood the pain was a means to reclaim

The original idea, the source from which we came


Learning can be such a painful process

Burning away what we thought we knew best

Getting in touch with what’s inside of us

Can you feel it?


Our ancestors are the stars that shine above us

As their sons and daughters I bet they love us

All the mysteries of life are just not enough

To keep us blinded


Every new day is a new discovery

A new batch of senses to differentiate

They all blend into one moment of experience

A tiny question


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