Turkey Trot 2011

On Thanksgiving Day, my wife (Lauren), her brother (Dallas), and my sister (Briana) ran a 3 mile race in Bloomington, IL. I took a camera and did this.



Terrible Minds’ Flash Fiction: 5 words


I cut the film into thirty-six clips and spliced it together with special tape. I got it on a reel and played it through a projector. It was thirty-six perfect moments, real on the wall at twenty-four frames per second.

Later it occurred to me that the actual moment was the light, not the film. By the one source, each frame of film experienced.

I cut up a lot more film, ended up with the special tape from beginning to end. My life looks a lot more choppy now, but every moment is exactly what I want it to be.

Terrible Minds’ Flash Fiction: Corporate Abuse

Your House is Haunted

For years, it was just me knocking on strangers’ doors, saying, “Hi, my name is Kim Wyatt. Did you know that your house is haunted?” That question was usually answered with the other question, “Excuse me?” We would converse in several more questions, ending with one like, “Are you leaving or would you like to wait for the cops?”

I did find the occasional guy that asked me to please come in right away because if these goddamn cabinets don’t stop slamming themselves, no one’s ever gonna get any sleep. I’d buy a case of diet soda, set up my video camera, and just wait for the sun to rise.

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