Thinker Thought Records

This is a video I made of the Thinker Thought Records 10 year anniversary show in Peoria, IL.

I play bass in the last band, Scouts Honor. The day of this show was the first time I’d played with these guys or picked up a bass in 5 years.



Here’s a 5-song EP you can download or listen to.


Here’s that last song I posted the lyrics to.

Terrible Minds’ Flash Fiction: An Affliction of Alliteration

Ruthless Resurrection

Monday the 26th

The story started to take its shape on Monday. I had been delivering pizza for about six months. You start to notice your regulars pretty quickly. Some you notice for big tips, some for weird things, like a guy who’s always naked, or a halo of burning herb around a trailer. But our star customer, ask any of the drivers, was Molly McGeehan. The most beautiful customer on our route. The story started when I knocked on her door and it was answered by a ninety-year-old lady wearing rubber gloves.

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I finished this song on December 4, 2011, like 5 minutes ago. I’ll try to post a recording of it at in a few days.


I went on a walk on a rainy day

The concrete was shiny for the entire way

I got to where I went in record time

My journey looked more like a dot than a line


I think I’ve bent the fabric of space

I’m always arriving before first place

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