I finished this song on December 4, 2011, like 5 minutes ago. I’ll try to post a recording of it at in a few days.


I went on a walk on a rainy day

The concrete was shiny for the entire way

I got to where I went in record time

My journey looked more like a dot than a line


I think I’ve bent the fabric of space

I’m always arriving before first place


I talked to a preacher in a haunted church

Couldn’t see his face inside his box of birch

Asked him if he’s happy now that he’s finally free

Heard his body turn and that shit stuck with me


I think he’s outside the fabric of space

He can come and go but his body stays in place


Where does he go and how does he get there?

Could I go to? I don’t think that I would be scared


Truth be told I’ve been wondering if I’m even here

Maybe I’m just listening to my brain then I wonder why I feel stuck

But anything is possible on rainy days


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