(a song called) New Song

I finished this song on February 28, 2012. You can hear some of my music at chrismackey.bandcamp.com.


I’ve been working on a new religion that has no original thought

Nothing new, just what you think mixed with my own, throw it in the pot

We’ll discuss the words that made it this far down

Compare, contrast, we’ll take all of the differents out

Wake up in the morning, we’re no further along

Till a man stands up and starts to sing this brand new song


If we’re gonna talk about it

Let’s at least try to narrow it down

It’s been described in detail

But here we are, we’re still around

Let’s make a new language

Where we don’t use words at all

Maybe then we’ll be closer

To the idea that our creator thought


Sitting here and meditating on the things that I should probably do

It’s got me far as I can go within a book and believe me, man, I’ve read a few

Thoroughly tossed around the accepted truths

Compare, contrast, extract a theme, attach a use

Wrap it up in linguistics and call it unique

Act like I’m the brilliant one who invented how to think


If It wants to speak to us

We should probably listen

So be quiet or we’ll be missing the whole

Thing, before it reveals itself

It’s already inside you

And it always knows exactly what to do


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