(a song called) New Song

I finished this song on February 28, 2012. You can hear some of my music at chrismackey.bandcamp.com.


I’ve been working on a new religion that has no original thought

Nothing new, just what you think mixed with my own, throw it in the pot

We’ll discuss the words that made it this far down

Compare, contrast, we’ll take all of the differents out

Wake up in the morning, we’re no further along

Till a man stands up and starts to sing this brand new song


If we’re gonna talk about it

Let’s at least try to narrow it down

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When I Die

I wrote this song forĀ This Is How You Die.

The Stranger

I finished this song on January 5, 2012. You can hear some of my music at chrismackey.bandcamp.com.


I sleep under a blank ceiling

My dreams rarely have a meaning

In between is a nothing that I created

I wake up mean, thinking of everything I ever hated


I think there’s a ghost living inside of me

It controls most of everything that I see

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2011 Wrap Up

In 2011, I started and finished:

8 stories, some short, some shorter

18 songs

3 videos


I’m perfectly fine with these numbers looking back, while during the year I felt a constant anxiety of not “doing anything.” I think it’s mostly due to a lack of discipline. I wrote in short bursts whenever it wanted to come out. In 2012, I’ll be working toward a creative routine.



Thinker Thought Records

This is a video I made of the Thinker Thought Records 10 year anniversary show in Peoria, IL.

I play bass in the last band, Scouts Honor. The day of this show was the first time I’d played with these guys or picked up a bass in 5 years.


Here’s a 5-song EP you can download or listen to.



Here’s that last song I posted the lyrics to.