Fancy Hawk – The War on Hugs

I made this music video with Peoria-based Fancy Hawk in January 2013. Shooting took 2 days, editing took 2 days. This is my first attempt at a music video. I had a lot of fun through the entire process and I’m ready to try another one.


2011 Wrap Up

In 2011, I started and finished:

8 stories, some short, some shorter

18 songs

3 videos


I’m perfectly fine with these numbers looking back, while during the year I felt a constant anxiety of not “doing anything.” I think it’s mostly due to a lack of discipline. I wrote in short bursts whenever it wanted to come out. In 2012, I’ll be working toward a creative routine.



Thinker Thought Records

This is a video I made of the Thinker Thought Records 10 year anniversary show in Peoria, IL.

I play bass in the last band, Scouts Honor. The day of this show was the first time I’d played with these guys or picked up a bass in 5 years.

Turkey Trot 2011

On Thanksgiving Day, my wife (Lauren), her brother (Dallas), and my sister (Briana) ran a 3 mile race in Bloomington, IL. I took a camera and did this.